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Create, host, and manage all of your company’s knowledge on Sana. Built on AI, designed to engage—it’s the end-to-end learning platform that scales with your teams and raises everyone’s ambitions.

More than an LMS

Sana is the first system I’ve seen that can truly be an end-to-end learning platform for companies.”

Josh Bersin

With Sana
Traditional learning software
LMS, LXP, authoring functionality:
Consolidated into one platform
Not: Patched through multiple tools
Content creation time
~30 mins
Not: 3 to 6 months
Content creation process
Decentralized and AI-powered
Not: Top down, manual
User engagement
Mandatory and self-directed
Not: Mandatory courses only
Live group training
Built in and interactive
Not: Purchased as separate tools
Course completion rate
Not: 5% (Source)
Training FAQs
AI-powered semantic search
Not: Link to a PDF
Learning admin
Not: Manual
Customer service rating
Not: 60%


Put all your learning admin on autopilot

Sana automates everything from user enrollment to training reminders so you can cut the manual admin and focus on the bigger picture.

Learning journeys. Scaled.

With Sana’s plug-and-play integrations, you can automatically enroll users to learning programs and trigger reminders based on user data and performance.

Every touchpoint. On brand.

Keep your brand manager happy. And put your marketing hat on. Sana lets you set custom logos, fonts, and colors, and create your own custom email templates.

Instructor-led scheduling. Sorted.

Learning doesn’t just happen in a classroom. But when it does, Sana makes scheduling seamless for virtual, hybrid, and in-person sessions.


Empower everyone to share their expertise

Intuitive. Collaborative. AI-powered. Sana’s real-time editor speeds up content creation and makes knowledge sharing something to be proud of.

Great content. Made in minutes.

In Sana’s collaborative editor, teams can spin up relevant training with branded templates and AI that generates entire courses based on company content.

Your AI co-writer. Always on hand.

Save countless brainstorming and editing hours by asking Sana to generate ideas, questions, images. Even entire courses from scratch.

Collaborative workflows. Checked.

You’re in charge of the editing, sharing, and publishing permissions. Set the rules and ensure the right content is always seen by the right people.


Run courses and live sessions. Under one roof.

Give everyone a more immersive learning experience by blending live collaborative sessions with personalized self-paced courses. All from one platform.

Every training. Personalized.

Sana tailors the course experience to each learner’s knowledge level and provides unique recommendations based on activity and interests.

Live group sessions. Minus the tabs.

Built right into the platform, Sana’s virtual classroom makes remote and hybrid sessions easy to run and a joy to experience.

Engagement levels. Off the charts.

Quizzes, polls, stickynotes, videos. Whether you’re creating a course or prepping a workshop, Sana’s interactive features bring your content to life.


Talk to your learning data

Meet your new AI learning analyst. On hand 24-7 to create your dashboards, answer every performance question, and automate actions based on real-time insights.

Plug-and-play dashboard

Data doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With Sana, you choose the KPIs you want to track and watch your custom, shareable dashboard appear in seconds.

Automagical analytics

Thanks to state-of-the-art machine learning, you can chat to Sana about your data in your own words and ask it to generate real-time insights for you.

From insight to action

From sending training reminders to enrolling users into new programs, Sana can automate the tactics you need to keep performance on track.

Leverage your other tools for better learning

Whether you’re scheduling onboarding programs or enabling Single-Sign-On, Sana’s extensive range of integrations will save you precious time while keeping your data secure.

Product-led. Partnership-driven.

We don’t just build learning software. We’re here to help you change behavior and create business results. From content migration to program rollouts, our deployment leads and learning strategists can support you every step of the way.

Anna Klingborg

Svea Solar

Filip Lam


Sue Ritchie-Campbell

Merck Canada

Enterprise-ready. User-approved.

ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant. Data encrypted at rest with AES 256 and in transit with TLS 1.2+.


Starting at €7200 annually

For scaling organizations that want one home for all their learning

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The end-to-end Sana platform, including:

Collaborative, AI-powered content creation
Create courses and live sessions with others in real-time, or ask Sana to generate an entire course and edit the copy for you.
Personalized, adaptive learning experience
Let AI personalize the homepage for every employee and tailor each course to their individual knowledge level.
Interactive live classroom and meeting space
Run live sessions with built-in collaboration tools like polls, quizzes, stickynotes, breakouts, and more.
Automated administration and analytics
Track group progress and learner performance, and automate manual tasks like course enrollment and reminders.
AI-powered universal search
Sana can search across all your company's apps to provide the answer to any question in natural language.


Custom pricing

For established organizations in need of extra flexibility and control

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Everything in Core, plus:

SAML-based single sign-on (SSO)
Gives users access to Sana through an identity provider (IDP) of your choice. Some of the providers we work with include Okta and Microsoft Azure. That's one less password to remember.
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
If Sana falls short of our uptime commitment and your organization is affected, we'll apply a credit to your account.
API access
Allows organizations to build their custom integrations with Sana for user and group management, assignments, content management, and reporting.
User provisioning (SCIM)
For teams needing to automate user management and groups across many applications, Sana integrates with a variety of SCIM providers including Microsoft Azure and Okta.
HR system connector
Sana supports user provisioning from some of the leading HR systems such as Personio, Hibob, and BambooHR so admins can manage members more efficiently.

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