AI for Education

Sana Labs is the global leader in the development and application of artificial intelligence to education. We partner with the world’s leading education companies to bring personalized learning to millions of students around the world.

Measurable impact

Sana Labs delivers quantifiable value to education companies all over the world. By using our products, customers increase revenues and improve learning outcomes.

Easy to integrate

Whether you’re a large global education company, or a nimble educator looking to build from scratch, the Sana platform can be production ready in days.

“Our partnership with Sana Labs allows us to leverage the company’s leading AI-technology to enhance the learning experience. Thanks to the Sana platform, our teachers can use the vast amount of student-generated data, and tailor instruction to the background, ability and development of each participant.”

Micael Holmström, Chief Executive Officer at Academy Group

What we offer

Our products bring the benefits of AI to education with easy to integrate APIs for your online learning platform.

Sana Learn

Sana Learn personalizes educational content based on what students know, how they learn best, and how they forget. Recommending each student’s unique and optimal path through a course, helping every student learn faster and stay engaged.

Sana Insights

Sana Insights provides teachers with actionable insights around how their students learn and where they’re falling behind. Teachers can understand how to help at a glance and act on it with a single tap.

Sana Voice

Sana Voice provides feedback and automated scoring of pronunciation using state-of-the-art machine learning models. Empowering students to learn to speak fluently through online learning products.

“Teachers prepare students for the future and they deserve the best tools. Therefore, we created digital teaching materials that are easy to use and that grow with the challenge. With NE’s new mathematics materials, we now take the next big step where we combine proven knowledge and education with new smart technology for a student-oriented experience and a better result.”

Hubert Kjellberg, Chief Executive Officer at NE and Brockhaus


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