AI for Education

Sana utilizes artificial intelligence to closely personalize content to the needs of each student. We offer real-time content recommendations for forward-thinking education companies around the world.

As students learn with Sana,
Sana learns about them.

No two people learn in the same way. That's why Sana measures students' answers, response times and an array of contextual information to figure out precisely what they know, how they best learn and how they forget. Building on these insights, our models help every student learn faster, grasp ideas more easily and stay engaged.

Just what your students need,
exactly when they need it.

Sana calculates each student's optimal learning pattern and predicts how they will perform on future interactions. Resources are then intuitively recommended to students based on their individual needs: content predicted to be too easy or too hard can be skipped or delayed. This results in more engaged students, lower churn and better learning experiences - for all.

Smooth implementation process.

The Sana platform is built around industry standard APIs which provides easy integration of deep learning algorithms. The architecture makes integration with any education system simple, and the platform can be production ready within days, not months.

Bring Sana's technology to your products.

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