We believe in educational empowerment.

Personalized education is proven to produce learning gains for the average student to the order of two standard deviations. Our mission is to apply recent breakthroughs in deep learning to make personalized education accessible to everyone — providing these benefits on a global scale.

About Sana

Sana is an artificial intelligence company that applies recent breakthroughs in deep learning to personalize education. Sana was founded in Stockholm in 2016 and is backed by a renowned set of investors and advisors. Our interdisciplinary team consists of experienced engineers and scientists with backgrounds ranging from Imperial College and CERN to Google and Spotify.

Our Thesis

The global education industry is vast, valued at over $5 trillion in 2016, and is undergoing a sea change with the move to digital and online instruction, materials and modalities. This shift, to digital and online resources, is enabling what many educators consider to be the holy grail of learning — personalized, adaptive instruction and assessment. With our API, we aim to be the engine that drives forward this change — fundamentally improving the function of the entire industry, directly affecting hundreds of millions of people's lives every day.

Joel Hellermark,
Founder and CEO

An enterprising child, Joel taught himself to code in C at age 13 and founded his first company, a video recommendation technology, at 16. While a senior in high school, Joel developed the initial Sana algorithm. Although it was only the seed of what Sana would become, the technology received widespread attention from world-class investors, advisors and artificial intelligence researchers. Subsequently, at age 20, Joel raised $1M from some of Europe’s most prominent investors to bring Sana to the world.

Anna Nordell,
Chief Marketing Officer

Anna has 15 years of experience developing and implementing marketing strategies for a wide variety of brands, with a pronounced focus on fast growing tech companies. Previously Anna worked as a Senior Marketing Strategist at Saatchi & Saatchi and King. She currently sits on the board of Stockholm AI.

Valentino Pacifici PhD,
Director of Business Development

Valentino previously worked at The Boston Consulting Group leading a team of data scientists building powerful analytics-based solutions to help clients tackle their most pressing business problems. He holds a double M.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology.

Susanna Nilsson PhD,
Senior Data Scientist

Susanna earned her PhD in Applied Mathematics at Imperial College London. She previously worked at AstraZeneca, harnessing predictive modelling and segmentation techniques to optimise drug therapies in a selection of target populations, to great effect.

Anton Osika,
AI Research Engineer

Anton previously worked at Ampfield where he designed bayesian engines for implementation in algorithmic trading. Prior to Ampfield, Anton worked on research and development at CERN. Anton earned an M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from the Royal Institute of Technology.

Faruk Sahin,
Product Lead

Faruk previously worked at Spotify as a product manager and as an engineer with the development of their external APIs and Playback SDKs which enabled hundreds of companies like Sonos, Google, Facebook and Amazon to bring music into their products. Faruk earned an M.Sc. in Computer Science from Linköping University graduating first class.

Sofie Nabseth,
Marketing Manager

Sofie previously worked at the investment firm Karnell screening potential investments in small and medium sized unlisted Nordic companies. She earned her MSc in Industrial Management and Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology and spent a semester during her masters at Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina. During her studies, she did internships at Citi, Barclays Investment Bank, and Morgan Stanley.

Viktor Qvarfordt,
Machine Learning Engineer

Viktor previously worked at VPD Financial Software where he developed software for financial analysis used by some of Sweden's leading banks and asset managers. Prior to VPD Financial Software, Viktor did a research internship at Ericsson and helped develop one of Sweden's largest online courses in mathematics at the department of mathematics of Stockholm University. Viktor holds joint M.Sc. in Mathematics from the Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University where he did research on topological quantum computing.


Nybrogatan 8
114 34 Stockholm


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