Sana Voice

Learning to speak new languages can be difficult. Sana Voice empowers your learners to perfect their pronunciation and sound like a native with state-of-the-art speech recognition technology. Sana Voice effectively models pronunciation independent of your native language and provides instant personal feedback.

“We are truly excited about the paradigm shift enabled by machine learning in automatic speech scoring. In partnering with some of the world’s largest language learning companies, we will empower millions of users with state-of-the-art pronunciation feedback allowing them to perfect their pronunciation.”

Joel Hellermark, Founder and CEO at Sana Labs

Integrate with Sana Voice

  1. Send sound file directly from your server via our API.
  2. Retrieve scoring via our API and incorporate into user-facing products.

See it in action

Businesses are already using Sana Voice to build more personalised, data-driven experiences that work seamlessly with their websites and apps.

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