Sana Learn

No two people learn in the same way. That’s why our award winning personalization technology measures students’ answers, response times and an array of contextual information to figure out precisely what they know, how they learn best and how they forget. Building on these insights, our technology helps every student learn faster, grasp ideas more easily and stay engaged.

“Teachers prepare students for the future and they deserve the best tools. Therefore, we created digital teaching materials that are easy to use and that grow with the challenge. With NE’s new mathematics materials, we now take the next big step where we combine proven knowledge and education with new smart technology for a student-oriented experience and a better result.”

Hubert Kjellberg, Chief Executive Officer at NE and Brockhaus

Integrate with Sana Learn

  1. Provide your app static data like questions, explanations, content hierarchy, and other assets.
  2. Send event data directly from your server via our API.
  3. Retrieve content recommendations via our API and incorporate into user-facing products.

See it in action

Businesses are already using Sana Learn to build more personalized, data-driven experiences that work seamlessly with their websites and apps.

Need more?

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