Sana Insights

Today’s learning products are rich in data but poor in information. That’s why Sana Insights provides teachers with actionable information about their students. Teachers can use data from online courses and assessments to predict issues that might arise before they happen, identify improvement potential, and assign personalized material with a single tap.

“When we equip ourselves with Sana’s AI technology we further facilitate the teacher in personalizing education, so that the teacher can spend time on what’s important and what he or she is the very best at; teaching. The role of the teacher has never been more important than now.”

Linda Ahrgren, Chief Executive Officer at Digilär

Integrate with Sana Insights

  1. Provide your app static data like questions, explanations, content hierarchy, and other assets.
  2. Send event data directly from your server via our API.
  3. Retrieve insights via our API and incorporate into user-facing products.

See it in action

Businesses are already using Sana Insights to build more personalised, data-driven experiences that work seamlessly with their websites and apps.

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