Customer Spotlight
Global professional education company used Sana Learn to create personalized review sessions, tailoring the learning experience to the individual needs of students preparing to take finance exams.
increase in Student Proficiency*

By providing personalized review sessions, Sana Learn has been able to significantly increase student proficiency, as measured by student ability.

*Analysis performed through randomized A/B testing.

more Effective Remediation*

Sana Labs' unprecedented ability to model knowledge gaps and provide tailored intervention help students get more value out of remediation.

prediction of accuracy of future performance of learners

Sana identifies knowledge gaps specific to each learner from learning data. This allows providers to intervene early and ensure students get the resources they need to succeed.

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"The feedback from the students has been overwhelmingly positive. Sana Labs recevied a net promoter score of 60, and have been identified by learners as the most valuable feature of the course."
Director of Product

State of the art learning experience for professional education: leveraging personalization to increase efficiency and improve outcomes.


A global professional education company which has been the market leader in accounting exam preparation for the past 60 years.


To keep the company at the forefront and leverage technology to increase course completion and improve student engagement. The company also needed to provide a more efficient course experience.


Through personalized review sessions, Sana delivers the optimal next step or remediation for each student, in real time. The first objective is to identify the knowledge gaps specific to each learner, and tracing these back to their root cause. Sana Labs achieves this by utilising algorithms proven to be extremely accurate in predicting future mistakes. Leveraging spaced repetition techniques, Sana's algorithms also ensure long-term knowledge retention in preparation for the final exam.

Time to integrate

6 weeks in time to market.


88% of student-user Beta group felt that the Personalized Review Sessions improved their efficiency in studying for the exam.
92% of the students felt that they studied more effectively with Sana’s personalized review sessions. Learners also felt empowered by a newfound awareness of their knowledge gaps at a granular level.

6 week
91 %