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Teachers saved up to one day per week through Sana-powered personalized assignments
weeks time to market

Sana Learn works through industry standard REST APIs, allowing our partners to integrate within weeks.

of each teacher time freed up per week

Sana Learn powers fully personalized homework, freeing up almost one day of teacher time (15-20% of teachers' work week) that no longer had to be spent on creating weekly class assignments.

quantifiable value to education companies all over the world

Sana Labs delivers quantifiable value to education companies all over the world. By using our products, customers increase revenues and improve learning outcomes.

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"We are excited to be working with Sana Labs, a company that has such an excellent reputation around its ability to use artificial intelligence and machine learning to help drive engagement and better learning outcomes."
Hubert Kjellberg, Chief Executive Officer @ NE and Brockhaus

School freed up 6 hours per week of teacher time using automated personalized assignments, powered by the Sana AI technology


A south east Asian education company with over 280,000 students. The company runs a math and english after-school programme for K-12 and high-school students.


A problem the company is facing is to scalably adapt the content to each student. A teacher currently spends almost 6 hours per week creating homework for their classes. Creating fully personalized homework would require up to 120 hours per week.


The company integrated Sana Learn into its digital learning platform. Sana Learn acts as a personalization engine and measures students' answers, response times and an array of contextual information to figure out precisely what a student knows, how they learn best and how they forget. Based on these parameters, Sana Learn creates an optimal weekly assignment with a recommendation of questions that maximizes each student's learning.

Time to integrate

4 weeks


Sana Learn enabled fully personalized homework and has released 6 hours per week for each teacher. The teacher can now spend an additional 6 hours on coaching and teaching their students.


hours per week creating homework for classes


hours per week creating personalized homework


hours released each week